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Signs Your WordPress Website Has Outgrown Its Hosting

How do you know when a hosting change is needed – or at least something you should consider? Today, we share a few signs that will clue you in.


Tips for Being a Good Design Mentor

It can be a challenge advising another designer. Whether it’s general career advice, technical knowledge or even tips regarding client relations.


The 15 Best Free Calligraphy Fonts

As you will see from our collection, there are plenty of high-quality free calligraphy fonts that can be used in both personal and commercial projects.


The Grumpy Designer’s WordPress Plugin Pet Peeves

There are a number of plugin behaviors that have become pet peeves over the years. Here are a few of the more egregious – in one grumpy designer’s mind, at least.


Weekly News for Designers № 562

This week’s Designer News – № 562 – includes Developing for the Semantic Web, Animating Number Counters, Detect Accessibility Issues with Checka11y.css, Full-Bleed Layout Using CSS Grid, CSS Variables 101, Download Free Radix Icons, MathJax JavaScript Engine and a whole lot more!


The Deadly Communication Sins Freelance Designers Commit

Alright, freelancers – it’s time to confess! How many of you are guilty of not communicating regularly enough with your clients? Maybe you’re running behind on your deadline, and you’re…


Why Web Design Client Referrals Aren’t a Slam-Dunk

Do you take on a new client just because you feel like you have to? How will that affect your relationship with your existing client?


50 Free High-Resolution Texture Packs for Designers

We have a huge collection of free high-resolution textures that are just shouting out to be used in your next design project.


Weekly News for Designers № 561

This week’s Designer News – № 561 – includes Using Serenade to Code with Your Voice, Blacklight Privacy Inspector, The Failed Promise of Web Components, IconPark SVG Icons, Free Neutro Display Font, “Hello World” in 20 Programming Languages, Good Web Design for Landing Pages and so much more!


Bring the Latest News and Information to Your App with mediastack

The world moves quickly. That’s why having access to the latest news and information has never been more important. What’s more, users have developed high expectations when it comes to…


Freebie: Vintage Vector Halloween Stamps (AI, EPS, SVG & PSD)

With Halloween just a few weeks away, we have a free set of spooky vector vintage stamps for you to freely use in both your personal and commercial projects. You…


How Freelance Designers Can Thrive in a Tough Economy